An End as a New Beginning -

Happy July, friends!

“Things come to an end so better things can fall into place. The world is a cruel and tough place, and you will one day have to deal with sacrificing and letting go. But you must learn to accept these endings. For the end doesn’t mean there is a complete finish, the end means there is a chance to start something new.” – Nishank Rana

Through the pandemic, I realized how fragile life is. Through the black lives matter movement, I realized how little I know. It was a reminder for me to open my eyes, ears and perception even more in order to serve in this world. These difficult times has showed me that life is capable of taking away the things we care about the most. The work I was putting so much love, time and energy into for years, has been taken away from me so quickly. It was too soon to be the end. More than ever, I came to realize that the end doesn’t mean a complete finish. The end gives me a chance to start something new.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t escape from the cycle of death and birth. And the more we cling with the familiar and stay afraid of the unknown, suffering is created within us. The practice encourages us to keep letting go of our attachments and to stay present with all of our experiences. The practice keeps us listening to our bodies, breath, and heart. When this is over, we’re going to be stronger, wiser, more able, and more powerful.

I’ll see you on the mat virtually or privately at my Greenwood Village studio. Now, we need yoga more than ever. I hope you’ll continue to practice however you can.

Sending nothing but love.

Shigeko ❤️

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