Sthira Sukham Asanum -

In every asana, let there be steadiness (balance) and ease (sweetness)

Namaste, everyone!


My intention for practice tends to go back to the ancient teachings of “Sthira Sukham Asanam” –In every asana, let there be steadiness (balance) and ease (sweetness).

It can be challenging and at times wobbly, right? And at times a little bit bitter—just like our everyday life.

So I ask myself, “How can I bring more steadiness into the pose?” “How can I make this experience sweeter?” Sometimes it’s being mindful of my breath, more patience, and at other times it’s doing less. After going back to intent, I can breathe deeper and remember to smile. Sometimes it’s letting go of perfection. I simply close my eyes and go inside my body to find Sthira – steadiness and Sukham – ease, moment by moment. Going beyond the mat, it’s what we want in our life, too. Life invites more stimulus at every turn and the practice always reminds us to come back to a steady and sweet space.

I hope you’ll find steadiness and sweetness within yourself every time you practice yoga and meditation. When you find steadiness and sweetness in your hearts, then you can find the same qualities in every heart. I’m looking forward to our journey together!

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