Come back to your Satguru... -

Last year, I spent hours and hours sitting, chanting, and meditating with my spiritual teacher. My hope was that he will give me everlasting peace since life can be challenging at times. “Tell me what to do?” “What should I do?” No matter what questions I asked him, he always navigates me back to the same place – my true nature, “Satguru”. It is the place within us where we find peace, comfort, calm, knowledge, and power. “No life event can change your true nature and all you need is to remember it and stay loyal to it,” he tells me with a warm smile.

As I welcome this new year, I ask myself what I can do to make my life more meaningful so I can serve the world in the most profound way. And my answer is “always come back to Satguru and stay loyal to it” just like my teacher says.

It takes practice, moment by moment. It’s the practice of remembering who we are. You might have visions or dreams or goals for this year. My hope for you (and myself) is to remember that you can always come back to your true nature. If we can do that, we can have perfect vision for 2020.


Cheers to Satguru!

Shigeko ???

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